Rational Finance


Our Investment Process

The core of our investment process is to ensure that:

  • you have enough readily available cash to meet your short-term needs
  • your cash required to support your medium-term needs is protected against inflation
  • the remainder is invested for long-term growth with a level of risk with which you are happy
  • you reduce the risk that, in the future, you may have to sell investments at a loss

We have tracked the effectiveness of this process through the credit crunch, the subsequent recovery, the 2011/12 downturn, and the 2012/15 bull market and the results have been impressive when measured against approaches requiring the sale of assets to support monthly income.

Studies have shown that asset allocation has more influence on the performance of an investment portfolio than any other factor and this is the starting point for the portfolios we recommend. Unlike many traditional portfolios that are restricted to a mix of equities, fixed interest, cash, and sometimes commercial property, we will selectively use a wider range of ‘alternative’ assets to control risk. This has proved effective in protecting the value of client portfolios during periods when investment markets have fallen in value.

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