Rational Finance

Our Process

How do we work with you

The starting point in our relationship is an initial discussion at our cost where you can ask more about us and we can find out how we can help you.

If you want to move to the next stage we will ask you for details of your current financial circumstances and future goals. If investments or pensions are likely to be included we will also help you to assess how much investment risk you are prepared and able to take to achieve your goals. Based on this information, for a pre-agreed fee, you will receive a plain English report including our recommendations on how you can achieve your goals. You can ask questions to clarify any points and only when you are completely happy will we arrange to implement your plan.

Because your financial needs will be subject to constant change, legislation can change, and economic conditions will change, we believe that regular reviews are important in ensuring that your plan remains suitable to achieve your goals. You can choose an ongoing level of service to ensure that your plans continue to meet your objectives and circumstances.


How do you pay us

We make no charge for our initial discussions following which we will jointly agree the scope of any work and the amount you will be charged which will be confirmed by a jointly signed fee agreement.

In some cases this may result in a generic financial planning report for which we will agree a fixed fee. For specific recommendations leading to an investment transaction we will agree an amount based on the complexity of the advice and the value of any investments.

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